The MHCA Board of Trustees would like to thank for their patience this week.  We are pleased to welcome Sun & Surf Enterprises as our new pool management company who will begin operations at 10 am, Friday, July 17, 2020.

Hours of Operation:

TO BE DETERMINED – Awaiting on federal state and local guidelines due to COVID

We thank you for your continued support.

Entrance/Exit Gate

1.      Upon entering, each person’s temperature will be checked upon arrival, along with signing the COVID19 Screening Questionnaire.

2.     Everyone must practice social distancing while standing in line. 

3.     Check Out is required prior to exiting the property.

4.     At this time, the total capacity onsite will be 100.


1.      Only one person will be allowed into the restrooms at a time, unless they are from the same household.

2.     Foot coverings must be worn in the restrooms.

3.     Patrons must practice good hand hygiene.

4.     The COVID Ambassador will spray down the areas that were used with disinfectant spray.

Pool and Pool Area

1.      The pool area has been set up with a 6-foot distance between lounge chairs in groups of 2 or 4 to promote social distancing, which follows the requirements set by the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health. If a lounge chair has the back flipped over, it is not to be used. It needs to be disinfected.

2.     Must Bring Towel to Place on Chaise/Chair

3.     No face covering should be worn in the pool. This is a safety issue and can cause drowning.

4.     Sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the pools.

5.     Practice Social Distancing in the pool

6.     Face covering must be worn when walking the pool deck or when social distancing can’t be done

7.      The kiddie pool area capacity will be limited to 20.

8.      All other pool rules and pool area rules will still apply.

General Rules

1.      The lifeguards and staff will have designated safe zones. Patrons are not allowed in these zones. 

2.     Social distancing must be practiced 

3.     Face covering must be worn when, signing in, signing out, walking the pool deck and when social distancing cannot be performed.

4.     Face coverings are not required while sitting in chairs or at the snack bar tables, since they are set up to practice social distancing.

5.     No Coolers

6.     Playground, GaGa Pit and Basketball areas will remain closed at this time.

7.     CDC Covid-19 Signs will be posted at the entrance and between the bathrooms for everyone’s to read

8.     When Lifeguards are not on the stand, they will help enforce the COVID-19 guidelines

9.     Lifeguards will wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when working with patrons for minor or major emergencies.

The Lifeguards, COVID-19 Ambassadors, Gate Guards, and Onsite Super will be strictly enforcing the COVID-19 Guidelines, Community Rules and Carmona Pool Services’ rules. Carmona Pool Services and the MHCA Board of Trustees are here to provide a safe and enjoyable environment. If the rules cannot be followed, you will be asked to leave the premises.

We thank you for your continued patience and look forward to seeing you poolside!